Why Tree Surgery is Essential for a Healthy Garden

While it may sound like a slightly grandiose term for someone who climbs up trees and cuts bits of them off with a chainsaw, tree surgeons do a very valuable job. Trees are much more complex than we give them credit for. The range of diseases and afflictions that can kill trees is huge, not to mention all the delicate ways that they play into our garden ecosystems. What this comes down to is that trees need to be maintained with a skilled, experienced hand, and never DIY! Climbing trees is dangerous, leave it to the professionals. So why does your garden need a top tree surgeon?

Stunted Growth

Plants that aren’t growing to their full potential tend to be very ugly. The problem could well be in your soil. You should test your soil to check how acidic or alkaline it is, and whether it has the nutrients trees and plants need to grow and survive. Soil supplements and other ways of improving the quality of your soil are cheap and readily available from garden centres. This goes for all plants, not just trees, if you want nicer, healthier plants in your garden, do a little soil research. A tree surgeon will be able to help you with this.
Make Sure they’re Healthy

Sadly, good tree keeping skills aren’t all that common nowadays. Keeping your trees healthy is more than giving them good soil and leaving them to it, you need to keep them trimmed and fit. As well as being able to diagnose and treat various diseases and afflictions, tree surgeons can remove parts of the tree that are dying or dead, potentially saving it. Let’s not forget as well, you don’t want the tree growing into your house or too far out over the neighbours either. Trees can also block sunlight into your house, so consider this when having some tree surgery performed.
Don’t Let Parasites Kill Them

It might sound obvious, but one big danger to trees in the UK is ivy. Ivy grows up trees and parasitically uses them as a structure to gain easier access to sunlight. Eventually, the tree underneath starves, dies and collapses. This is why you need to keep an eye on ivy growing around the base of your trees. If you spot any, be sure to remove it thoroughly, ensuring the root is entirely eradicated so it can’t grow back.
If you have trees already coated in ivy, you can cut the ivy around the base of the tree so that it dies, and then have a tree surgeon remove the tendrils to uncover the tree and allow it access to sunlight again. Getting a tree surgeon in to remove the ivy is important, because whether the ivy is alive or dead is pretty irrelevant to the tree underneath, which is starving for light. You don’t want to go clambering up big, old trees yourself either, much better to get the professionals in.