Why it’s Important to Tidy Your Trees before Winter

As we enter the decidedly more miserable winter months, you might be gearing up to start ignoring your garden and gardening, however before you write the garden off completely, you need to bring in some great tree surgeons to give it a final once over to keep everything healthy and looking great through the winter. Trees don’t grow so much in the colder months, so getting some tree surgeons in just before the cold fully sets in will mean your garden looks solid for the next three to six months, while also making sure that any unhealthy or unsafe elements of trees are removed and pruned away.

Keep It Pretty All Through the Winter

                Trees grow less in the colder months, so getting them shaped before it cools can result in a prettier garden all winter long. The stylistic powers of trees cannot be understated, they can be huge, unbound and domineering walls of green that overpower your garden, or they can border, shape and divide the space effectively, giving you a peaceful and tranquil area to relax and spend time. Plenty of research has been done on the calming effects of trees and nature, and it’s not to be sniffed at, trees really do make a garden. Getting high quality tree surgeons in can guarantee you well shaped trees that cradle and form your garden, leaving you with the best space and look possible throughout the winter months.

Use a Great Tree Surgery Company, Never DIY

                Okay, so you might find yourself thinking; well, so what, cutting trees up, easy! You’d be wrong. Obviously if we’re talking about a little baby sapling tree, you’re probably not going to have too much DIY trouble, beyond accidentally killing the tree, but with a  huge oak or similar you’re going to have to do some climbing. Have you ever tried climbing a tree without the specialised miniature chainsaw and climbing harness? Not to be recommended! Safety always comes first, no one enjoys falling out of trees, especially in slippery, wet and icy winter.

Another element of safety is making sure trees are completely solid and healthy. A hefty tree branch can easily destroy a roof, write off a car or seriously injure someone. Beyond that, you’re got to bear root structures in mind, they can be disastrous for a house’s concrete foundations. House or garage repairs can end up being costly, so getting a qualified tree surgeon in to do a great, safe and reliable job in can be a really bright idea.

Keep Your Garden Private and Secure

                As well as the obvious beauty and other benefits of having trees around, as giant solid blocks of greenery, they block sound, including road noise, and provide great privacy for an otherwise exposed garden. Obviously you’re not going to be doing quite as much sunbathing throughout the winter, but making sure your trees still form as much of a barrier as possible against traffic sounds is important. You need some well-shaped and tactically placed trees, so you can enjoy your garden to its fullest potential.