Is A Tree Surgeon The Right Choice For You?

Trees are beautiful, useful plants that many of us are not lucky enough to have on our property.

If we do have one or more on our property, it then becomes our responsibility to ensure the tree remains safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many tree owners will only call a tree surgeon if it is an emergency or they absolutely have to. However, if you have time to read this article, the chances are you’ve realised it might be sensible to consult an expert before things go wrong. There are plenty of reasons to enlist the services of a tree surgeon all year round.

Here are just some of the reasons a tree surgeon is the right choice for you:

Diseased And / Or Dangerous Trees Can Be Fatal

You cannot ignore the fact that a tree with unstable branches, or any issues causing its branches or trunk to potentially fall, is a very dangerous situation. If you have noticed one of your tree’s is damaged, you must call a tree surgeon immediately, however, if possible, regular maintenance is a great idea. This is because although a damaged tree may seem like an obvious danger, the tree next to it could be even more dangerous because externally it looks great, but internally it might be rotten and completely unstable. A branch snapping off a tree can cause serious damage to property, animals or people. Spotting and treating a diseased or damaged tree is something that should always be dealt with by a professional.

Tree’s Need Nurturing

All tree’s, but especially young trees need nurturing. If you have planted trees within the last five years, the chances are they still need support to help them establish a healthy root system and growth. Even established tree’s might need dead wood removing, or specific treatment for certain diseases.

Other Types Of Damage Can Cause Problems

As well as physical damage from branches falling, tree’s growing can damage their surroundings. Their roots may be too close to a drainage system, their branches may be reaching a property or power lines. The branches may hang down onto a public path. Tree surgeons can trim the trees to stop this happening, and they can prune in a specific way to try and promote the tree growing elsewhere.

Healthy Fruit Trees Make Healthy Fruit

If you use your trees for growing fruit, it is important they are free from diseases and pests. A tree surgeon can help you keep your fruit bearing trees as healthy as possible so you can keep benefitting from the best fruit.

A Tree Surgeon Is Right For You

Although the costs of a tree surgeon might seem unnecessary when your trees appear to be healthy, the costs are worth it long term to ensure:

  • Your trees stay beautiful and healthy
  • Diseased or injured trees are effectively dealt with
  • Nearby property remains undamaged
  • Animals and people walking around the tree remain unharmed

There are many reasons to hire a tree surgeon all through the year. They can spot early signs of disease, prevent accidents happening and deal with any urgent situations quickly and effectively. They can likely pre-empt issues you could have with your tree years down the line that you would have never even thought of.

Thought of doing it yourself? Please, do not do this under any circumstances. Tree surgeons study for years alongside professionals to learn their trade. There is a huge amount of physics and knowledge applied to tree surgery. Without education and training it is extremely dangerous to attempt any tree work. Make the right choice and call a tree surgeon today.