Help Your Garden Recover from a Grim Winter

It’s been a hard winter for us humans, imagine how rubbish it’s been for the trees that have spent the whole time outside!

It’s been an Intense Winter

Having just staggered through The Beast from the East, depending on where you live, your trees could have just had a really intense few weeks. Heavy snow, freezing temperatures and powerful winds have battered the UK, and while trees are pretty good at dealing with cold, combined with wind and snow, it can become pretty taxing, often resulting in damaged, fallen and dead trees.

Damaged trees can be a huge danger. Partially broken trunks and cracked limbs that can come tumbling down at any given moment, and sometimes, you can’t see deep structural damage. That’s where tree surgeons come into the picture, checking for serious damage that could impair the structural integrity of the whole tree.

Being structurally sound is no joke when it comes to massive, solid trees, which can weigh literal tons. One of those comes down on your house or car and you’ll know about it.

Fallen trees become their own tricky problem to deal with. Beyond delivering massive damage to whatever unfortunate area they choose to collapse on, they requiring moving, and can block entire roads very, very easily. Chopping up and moving a large fallen tree can take several hours even at full speed sometimes.

Dead trees are their own problem too. If you’ve got a dead tree on your property, that encompasses all those risks already mentioned and needs to be gotten rid of. Dead trees aren’t just a massive danger, but ugly too! You need to bring in the experts, pronto!

Getting Ready to Grow and Flourish

If you’re green fingered at all, you’ll know a key part of getting any plant to flourish to its full potential is pruning. Getting rid of the dead and overgrown bits that are in the way. Clearing away ivy and leaves to expose different parts to sunlight. Trees need this kind of attention too.

A tree surgeon will be able to diagnose and execute proper care for your trees, whether that’s treating fungal tree diseases, or getting rid of damaged limbs. They’ll be able to get your trees ready for another summer of looking spectacular, flowering, fruiting or just giving your garden some height. Don’t think it’s all about clambering up, chainsaw in hand, and hacking away, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Dangers of DIY

Sure, it can look kind of easy, and even slightly fun, but going climbing up a potentially unstable tree with a cutting instrument that can remove appendages in seconds in hand isn’t for the faint-hearted or amateur. It’s a combination of strength, skill, daring and knowledge, and if one of those is off, you’re going to run into big, scary and potentially dangerous problems.

Don’t think that because you bought a £50 chainsaw from Argos, and you’ve got a three-day beard going on, you’re suddenly a lumberjack, ready to cut down the tallest trees. Leave it to the professionals, it’s safer, quicker and easier.