A True Professional Tree Surgeon!

If you have trees in your garden you may already be familiar with the services that a tree surgeon offers. Tree maintenance, in particular trimming, can be vital if you have large trees on your property. Without any form of maintenance larger trees can easily lose shape and even pose as a danger to people and surroundings.

Branches that grow at too much of an angle become susceptible to breaking as they have little or no support from the trunk of the tree. You don’t need a gusty day to bring down tree branches, they will eventually just fall which is dangerous if the tree is near other buildings, or where people are passing by. It is for jobs like this that tree surgeons are invaluable, as they can remove the branches safely whilst not causing any damage to the tree itself. Diseased branches can cause similar problems to those with breakages in them. A diseased branch can become weak and eventually fall, or can result in the entire tree becoming infected. By contacting a tree surgeon they will advise on the best course of action, from removing the diseased branches to treating the tree in an effort to save it.
Reasons for using a professional

There are two main reasons why it is advisable to contact a professional tree surgeon to take care of the maintenance and wellbeing of your trees:

Expertise – A tree surgeon does not just cut down trees or stray branches. Tree maintenance ranges from planting, pruning and watering to diagnosing and treating diseased trees. In each situation the tree surgeon will have the expertise to know how to prune trees (this can vary from tree to tree), the best seasons to plant new trees, and how to treat diseases accordingly. Tree surgeons are trained to keep trees healthy and to identify and correct problems that may be affecting a tree.

Safety – For those of us that are keen gardeners we may have a basic understanding of how to prune a tree, but it is unlikely that we’ll have the correct equipment and safety clothing to carry out the job. If you hire or even buy the equipment, you still won’t be equipped with the knowledge of how to use the equipment safely, or the safest way to work with a diseased or unstable tree. The potential dangers speak for themselves.

A true professional

Unfortunately there are rogue tree surgeons who will claim to be able to offer you a service which is both full of expertise and safety awareness. If you are looking for a tree surgeon, you need to be confident that they are fully trained, insured and competent in their work. Consider the following:

Quotes – When obtaining quotes, don’t assume that you have a ‘good deal’, if one is dramatically lower in price than the others. Tree surgeons are trained professionals that have high running costs to cover insurance, wages and equipment. If you are being offered a service at an extremely ‘cut-down’ price you need to ask further questions to guarantee the individuals integrity.

Qualifications – The governing body for tree surgery qualifications is the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC). A good tree surgeon should hold the following certificates:

CS30 – Maintenance of chainsaws, on site preparations and basic cross cutting
CS31 – Fell and process of small trees
CS38 – Tree climbing and aerial rescue
CS39 – Use of a chainsaw from a rope/harness
First Aid at Work