3 Things Trees Do For a Garden and Why You Can’t Afford to Lose Them

Gardens can be beautiful, tranquil, and peaceful places of rest, gatherings and relaxation. Or they can be stretches of barren concrete. What makes a great garden? Well, most people would say grass and flowers, but I’d always argue trees.

Trees make otherwise flat gardens grand affairs, sweeping up into the air, as high as the houses near them, or higher. They provide shelter for birds and squirrels, which make British gardens come alive. They essentially make boring suburban gardens feel like they’re out in the rural countryside. They can be beautiful, sweeping blocks of colour and foliage, and these huge flora giants can seem permanent and immortal, but sadly, they’re really not.

As our country gets more and more built up, and more and more concrete covered, the less trees you’re going to see close to your home. You know, the things that produce oxygen, the stuff we breathe? They’re being cut down steadily, and they don’t grow back quick enough to justify cutting them down. To make sure your garden trees live as long as possible, you need to take care of them. Fortunately, that’s not a hard task, make sure they don’t look strange or discoloured, and occasionally get an expert out. It’s worth it, here’s some things they do for you.

Shelter and Shade

While shade might not seem the most pressing issue with our tepid British summers, every so often we get a heat wave where you wish your garden had a nice bit of cool green shade to chill out in. If you live in a particularly warm bit of the UK, down south, for instance, a bit of shade can be great in the warmer months.

On the other hand, if you live somewhere pretty exposed, on a hillside, or on the coast, with strong winds, and occasional storms or even snow, trees can give great shelter to your garden and property, and mean that on those breezy but warm summer days, you can still chill out in the garden and read.

Privacy and Quiet

One of the most underrated bonus of having a couple of big, thick and healthy trees in your garden is the quiet they can provide. Trees form a very effective sound barrier against nearby roads, and can get rid of the annoying noise of passing cars and people.

On top of that, they literally block the view into the garden and house, giving you the peaceful, private garden you’ve always dreamed of, free from prying eyes. If you’ve always been a bit wary of sunbathing, trees could be just the ticket.

Make Your Garden Bigger and Prettier

Okay, so maybe not literally bigger, but bigger upward! Imagine all the quality growing space you’re wasting when you’ve not got tall trees using the air and space above your garden. Having some big trees gives your garden a forest-like, grand and 3D feel, as well as providing the beautiful great backdrop everyone wants.